Mower1.jpg (20390 bytes)
The ramp rides flush against the front deck for easy access.
Mower2.jpg (34707 bytes)
The aluminum platform fits all of the original bolt patterns and lifts easily for maintenance.
A 2" edge riser was made on either side of the deck to provide strength and it keeps
the chair from accidentally rolling off of the edge.
Mower3.jpg (33931 bytes)
Transfers are easily made since the mower seat and the wheelchair are the same in height.
Mower4.jpg (29774 bytes)
Once I'm on and settled in, the wheelchair is moved off of the mower. (For safety, I
never mow without someone around.)
Mower5.jpg (30273 bytes)
I purchased the mower through Lubanecki Welding and Machine Dealer in Meadville, PA.
If you're interested in having a similar mower, ask for Chip at 814-336-3553

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